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6 foot hutch plus base, water bottles, bowls and odds. in Lingfield, Surrey for sale

6 foot hutch plus base, water bottles, bowls and odds.

Very solid 6 foot hutch plus very solid base. The hutch is 2 years old and is made from 12mm wood. All doors have padlock hasps fitted. This has spent all bar 4 months inside a shed ( see other advert) and when it was outdoors there was a cover over it. We are only selling as one rabbit had to be put to sleep and it's mate was too old to re - match with a new partner. So we are, for the foreseeable future, rabbit less :( I will include a hay feeder, bowls, a water bowl and 2 bottles. There is also a carpet covered ramp so if you have the hutch in a shed, the bunnies can easily get in and out. For most rabbits this is an excellent hutch since they can stand up, stretch, hop and cuddle up. For very large breeds it may be unsuitable. The hutch base will just fit in the back of a decent estate (but the actual hutch needs the boot tying closed) or a van ...unless you have a big car. The hutch is very heavy and whilst I will help load, you will need help at the other end. For £30 I will deliver with 20 miles. I am charging £30 as it will require two trips.